Game Familiarization

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Hand over the keys to the kingdom!

All games go through a familiarization phase. Our gamer SMEs and translators review the game, play it, and read all of the supporting game collateral. Depending on the size of the game, this process can take anywhere from a few days up to a month.

It’s time to provide the keys to the kingdom! You wouldn’t expect a movie translator to localize a movie without at least watching the movie, would you? The same goes for games. Games require even more review time given the multiple stories and all of the possible variables. The time required for the translation team to know the ins & outs of the game is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of the game. Large MMORPGs generally require more time than mobile games. The familiarization stage presents a great opportunity to cross-check the games glossaries to ensure consistent and all-inclusive terminology. Prepare well at this stage, and the localization process will flow more smoothly. If the game is not yet created, plans, descriptions and all available content should be shared.

Games Familiarization