Asian Gamer SME

What does Gamer SME mean? Games Subject Matter Expert. Plain and simple, we only work with translators, terminologists, and testers who are actual gamers! While technical translators can try their hand at any number of industries and subject matters, the same cannot be said for games.

Games Translators

All of our games translators are located in-country. They are screened and then screened again. Before being added to our translator roster, all candidates go through an extensive testing process of translating real games. Even after passing our tests (only 5% actually pass), all translators are subject to ongoing review. And all work is passed through our senior SMEs before being integrated back into the product.

SME Reviewers

The Yoda’s of the Games Localization process, these seasoned game fanatics know their games inside and out. In addition to being a leading figure in the familiarization phase, they oversee game terminology translation management, style guides and voiceover pronunciation guides (if the game requires voiceover). Once the translation deliveries start to flow, the SMEs review and consolidate styles while ensuring conformance to terminology lists and style guides.

Game Testers

Technically and linguistically gifted gamers – this might be the best way to describe EQHOs games testers. As well as being hardcore gamers themselves, our testers possess the necessary technical skills to put any game through its paces. Linguistic testers check terminology, translations in context of the final game output, voiceover and onscreen match. Functional testers check an array of items from hangs, crashes, game continuity and playability, multi-device and locale load speed conformance, in-game purchasing, text and audio synching.