Blizzard & EQHO Deliver
Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft
to Thailand


Blizzard Entertainment wanted to capitalize on the worldwide success of Hearthstone by launching into the lucrative $1.5 billion Southeast Asian mobile games market. But Blizzard had never released any of their titles in Southeast Asia before, so not only needed a regional games localization thoroughbred, but a partner that could guide them through the demographic, technical, linguistic and cultural challenges—challenges that would make a full-blown Hearthstone tournament look like a walk in the park. Game on! But how did EQHO overcome the challenges that lay ahead?


Blizzard’s vendor selection process lasted four months, and initially consisted of discovery calls and translation tests. It culminated with on-site visits, in-depth team interviews, physical and IT security audits, plus an inspection of our in-house studios. EQHO also solved the following challenges along the way:
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After complying with Blizzard’s rigorous standards, it was EQHO’s technical competence, love for games and team spirit that won the day.
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In 90 days EQHO delivered a fully localized, functional version of Hearthstone to Blizzard. All the internationalization issues had been resolved. To give the impression the game had not been localized, the translation team and SME creatively captured the Thai linguistic and cultural nuances. Pitch-perfect performances by 200 professional actors, celebrities and voice artists had brought Hearthstone’s characters to life. And our multi-device testing and QA ensured all the linguistic and functional bugs were ironed out prior to release. Hearthstone was launched in May 2016 to rapturous reviews from the Thai gaming community, resulting in it becoming Thailand’s fastest-selling online game, ever. Today, EQHO continues to work on major expansions and provides Community Management support, which has helped to maintain strong growth for Hearthstone. Over the last year EQHO has gained a reputation for game localization quality and creativity on Blizzard’s Irvine CA campus, and will continue to work on the multi-million-dollar Hearthstone franchise in Thailand and beyond. Our familiarization program continues via EQHO Hearthstone tournaments every two months. EQHO’s current Hearthstone Champion is Alex Viding, our System Engineering Manager—well done Alex. Job done! Well... Not quite. Our Hearthstone stewardship has just begun...

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