Gears 5, Code Vein, Borderlands 3… are all here in September!

Here are some of the biggest games that released in September 2019, updated by games experts!

1. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (September 6)

This is the first (and last) expansion from the highly acclaimed Monster Hunter World.

Iceborne brings you to the new map, Hoarfrost Reach, with the wintery and icy environment. Iceborne also brings many new monsters, the subspecies of existing monster, and the fan-favorite monsters from the previous Monster Hunter such as Zinogre, Tigrex and the upcoming Rajang as the first free update.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available for PC in January 2020.

2. Gears 5 (September 10)

Here comes the sequel for the Gears of War series – this fifth installment, is also the biggest Gears yet.

Step in the shoes of Kait Dias on her quest to solve the mystery of her bloodline on the largest campaign map in the Gears series.Aside from Campaign, Gears 5 also features multiplayers mode such as team deathmatch; the iconic 50 waves survival Horde mode; and the new Escape mode, in which you play as the Hivebuster units who willingly getting themselves caught by the Swarm to destroy their hives from within.

3. Borderlands 3 (September 13)

The famous looter-shooter returns with its 3 game of the series. This one promise a bigger story, and an insane amount of guns (1 billions?) in this mayhem-fueled adventure.

4. Code Vein (September 27)

After a number of delays since last year, the so called Anime-Souls action games from Bandai Namco is scheduled to be released on September 27. With its action-filled gameplay, the new A.I. partner systems, and the souls-like difficulty, Code Vein seems to be the new thing for the player who seeks the souls-like difficulty and challenges.

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