Memes of 2020: Animal Crossing & Doom Eternal


(Image courtesy of Reddit)


The Internet often brings gamers a world of wonderment, when it comes to memes of popular games. One recent example is “Doom Eternal” vs “Animal Crossing”, which was released in the same date – March 20, 2020. 


“Animal Crossing New Horizons” is the sequel of 2001 Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch while “Doom Eternal” is the sequel of 2016 “Doom”, which has been delayed since 2019. Both games are exact the opposite of each other.


Animal Crossing is a friendly, for-all-ages game that lets you fish, decorate your house, and collect goods from your farms. Doom Eternal is a bloody, fast-paced action first-person shooter where you play as the “Doom Slayer”, the unstoppable warrior who single handedly raise hell’s minion by shooting, bombing, and of course, ripping-and-tearing the minions of hell.


Although these two games are vastly different, some fans have a bright idea of bringing two characters together. They thought that Isabelle, a character from Animal Crossing, with her adorable appearance would match Doom Slayer’s tough exterior.


(Image courtesy of Twitter/MrAgentStrange)


(Spoiler: It was revealed in Doom Eternal that the Doom Slayer in Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal and the Doomguy from the original Doom are the same person. And the reason for Doomguy to raze hell is because Hell’s minion killed his pet rabbit Daisy.)


Fast-forward to February 2020, in which both games constantly promote their presence on Twitter. It seems the people in Bethesda and ID Software are aware of the meme and started joking around, asking Nintendo if Isabelle will be on the Animal Crossing Livestream event.


(Image courtesy of Twitter/NintendoAmerica)


Just like that… the meme went viral!

The fact that the official Twitter account acknowledges the meme and seems to like it, causes people to create more artwork, short videos, and even music videos that shows Doom Slayer and Isabelle becoming friends. Here are some of the examples of fans creation from this meme:



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