Asian Gaming

It’s where it all began for us

The road to games success in Asia is inherently full of pitfalls, hazards, and spiky obstacles. One wrong turn in terms of poor market selection, cultural clumsiness, internationalization shortsightedness or translation incompetence can lead to your game either being unpopular, which is bad enough, or worse still, banned.

Why SEA? We specialize in Southeast Asia precisely because so few people do. You already know you want into the South Korean and Japanese markets. And China? You know, the country with the largest gaming population in the world.

Well… it’s estimated that revenues in the Southeast Asian games market will double to $2.2 billion by 2017. These regions are young – as in the majority of their populations are in the target age ranges for game playing – between 15 to 54 years old. It’s also estimated that these countries hold a total of 126.2 million gamers, 59.7 million of whom pay for the privilege. But while it’s tempting to lump these six countries into one group, when it comes to games localization, each nation has unique characteristics. Find out more…

With nearly 20 years of Asian language experience under our belt, much of it in the entertainment sector, we are here to transfer that knowledge to our customers.

We’ll help you hit the sweet spot with Southeast Asian gamers – THE BIG SIX